Try this in your morning coffee

September 24, 2009


The weather here in Texas has been overcast and downright mild, making me excited about the change of season. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the change? Peppermint coffee.When the weather is cooler, I’m able to find peppermint-flavored coffee beans at the store, or I’ll drink peppermint-flavored mochas at Starbucks when I have to. […]

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Jimmy Carter is the man

September 16, 2009


No rocking chair for this senior citizen. Love this man. When most ex-presidents reach his age (especially of the defeated, one-term variety), they’re not hauling their passion for peace and human rights around the globe to his particular intensity. For me personally, it’s heartening to see a powerful, fellow Christian taking stances on sexism, racism […]

Year One: Marriage

August 25, 2009


Yesterday Brian and I marked one year of marriage. I have many things to learn yet, but I’ve gathered a few gems along the way. Men are better at housekeeping than women give them credit for. The storied “honeymoon phase” is fiction. The whole first six months, if not the whole year, is an extended […]

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Dallas restaurants, please don’t listen to the new restaurant critic

August 21, 2009


The Dallas Morning News‘ restaurant critic, Leslie Brenner, has been here all of six months. And she’s got our dining scene all figured out. She came from L.A., and I agree with parts of her assessment about how Dallas can become a better restaurant city, like using more local produce and offering more fruit desserts […]

A life geography lesson for us wanderlusters

August 19, 2009


On a spiritual tip … Lately I’ve been dealing with an issue that I’ve struggled with off and on since I was very young. It’s not an issue unique to me. Depression slyly tricks someone into thinking that THIS particular bout of melancholy affects only me, magnifying the suckiness. But many of you have wrestled […]

Good Dallas jernts to take the laptop + work

August 14, 2009


Since starting to work from “home” in July, I’ve discovered some good spots suitable for working, with free wifi that fulfills the “gotta get out of this kitchen chair or my butt is going to fall off” objective. Notice that Starbucks is nowhere on this list ($10 to fire up my laptop each time? I’m […]

My Mayborn weekend

July 27, 2009


I’m talking about the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference in Grapevine, sponsored by UNT’s Mayborn Graduate School of Journalism. I attended Friday and Saturday’s events, but I decided to skip Sunday for a variety of reasons, among which were not because the conference itself lacked gems and good times. The conference came at a great time […]