Getting too old for this

Posted on February 20, 2008


I’m home after a weekend of being in Austin and at Brian’s grandmother’s. That’s nothing too terribly new, except this itinerant lifestyle got old like forever ago already. When I used to dream of vagabonding, I was thinking more Kerouac’s On the Road than literally being on the road for this constant Waxhachie-to-Arlington-to-Dallas-to-Waxahachie-to-Arlington-to-Waxhahachie-to-Dallas-to-Arlington clownfest to which I’ve managed to chain myself. I live out of a shoulder bag, and I don’t even bother to unpack that shoulder bag because it’s just going to get packed again in 3-4 days. Most of my toiletries? They’ve been in a toiletry case for a year and a half. I can’t rightly complain, however, because I’m actively choosing this. And the reasons I continue to choose it never seem to resolve.

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