I like free form with my waffles

Posted on July 27, 2007


Watching Grey’s Anatomy
Can’t tell if it’s a rerun or not
Ate gluten-free waffles, syrup
One with butter, one with peanut butter
A little milk, decaf coffee
Made me smile

Been having trouble with the front door lock
Fight with the key just to get it out
Finally couldn’t get it out this morning
Cyndi had to leave work to help
And of course
She was able to get it out
She sounded a tad put out
Maybe more than a tad
Said we’ll have to replace the lock
In a voice that doubled as Thanks for breaking my door
Did I? I don’t think I did
Have had problems with it since I moved in
So why do I feel shameful, guilty
The family relationship
Has a way of turning on you
When you need it most

And yes, just finished reading Ty’s blog
That’s why I’m writing like this
Not in the mood to be original

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